Choosing the Best Backpacker Hotel in Ipoh Town Perak Malaysia

Choosing the Best Backpacker Hotel in Ipoh Town Perak Malaysia

Part of a backpacking adventure is the chance to stay in a hostel. It’s an opportunity for you to meet new people and share your travel experiences which can’t be done if you have been traveling by yourself. Hostels or backpacker hotels usually have cool facilities such as bowling alleys, swimming pools, and pool halls. The rates are not that high especially the best backpacker hotel in Ipoh Town Perak Malaysia.

There is a misconception that hostels are like homeless shelters. There may be those that fit this description, but majority of them are nice, convenient, and not that expensive. There are those that are even close to the hotel standards. Some of them even have all the services that a hotel can provide.

Before you go on a trip, it’s wise to check out the discount accommodation cards that you can find for your destination. The most common among these is the International Hostelling or IH card. The card may also give you discounts at travel shops such as having 10 percent off at Millets. It’s worth checking the cards and packages that are offered since usually there are many promotions that are tied up with them. A hostel cardholder may be given discounts on attractions, coach tours, and also plane fares.

It is also important for you to book in advance when you intend to stay in the best backpacker hotel in Ipoh Town Perak Malaysia for instance. The rooms are often taken months before especially if there are special events in the area. You need to make sure that you have a place to stay when you are in a new place. You may book during the first night to be safe. This will make sure that you can sleep soundly once you settle in after the long flight. You can simply get yourself an updated guidebook, get online, and start browsing for all the available hostels that are available as options. You also have to make sure that it is within your budget and has a strategic location which means near the railroad station or a bypass. Veer away from backpacker hotels that are located in the red-light district.

Hostels are locked and only the backpackers who stay there have access. This however means you still have to be cautious about all your valuables. You have to check with the front desk service if there is any safe for you to store your passport, travel documents, and travelers’ cheques. It will be safer for you to keep all your valuables in a money belt. This will make sure that your passport is not out of your sight.

It’s not good to keep all your valuables under the pillow. The safest thing to do is put it inside a day pack and use that pack as your pillow. When someone tries to nab it, you will most likely wake up. You also have to understand well the security proceedings of the hostel you have chosen. There are those that use codes for the hostel doors, keep this code well and bring it with you all the time.

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