5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Darwin

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Darwin

The first rule for things that you shouldn’t do in Darwin is easy: Don’t skip Darwin. For anyone on a campervan hire australia journey there is just no better place to take in the stunning nature and unique vibe of the countryside in this top road trip country. This is what Australian campervan travel in all about, with vast nature parks and wilderness areas, stunning beaches and miles of undeveloped coastline, chances to see the local wildlife, and all of the thrilling outdoor activities that come along with the Australian country. You just can’t beat Darwin for a place to base yourself on your trip, and as long as you know what not to miss you will no doubt have a fantastic time.

Don’t Forget To Visit Berry Springs Nature Park

This meticulously maintained and scenic nature park is another great place to check out Australia’s most well-known creatures. The national treasure known as the Dingo can be found here in great abundance and you will be able to experience the massive range of native birds in the massive aviary. One of the top features to be found at Berry Springs is the large aquarium showcasing hundreds of species of native fish, and don’t forget about the nocturnal house where visitors can check out the region’s nocturnal creatures in their natural night habitats. Needless to say this is an essential stop on any trip in the region.

Don’t Miss Mindil Beach

If you’re looking to spend a relaxing beach day at one of the most scenic and unspoiled stretches of Australian coastline, then make sure that you don’t pass up Mindil Beach. Here you will find calm warm waters, an easy atmosphere, and lots of stunning scenery. This will be one of the best beach experiences of your life, so make sure not to miss it when in the region.

Don’t Forget The Cove

One of the top attractions in the Darwin region are the legendary saltwater crocodiles that have lived in the area for centuries. Crocosaurus Cove is the perfect place to get up close and personal with these frightful but fascinating creatures. At the Cove you will be able to feed these predators, have your photo taken with baby crocodiles, and if you have the nerve you can volunteer to be lowered into the water in a glass cage to get a peek at the crocs in their natural habitat. The Cove also affords campervan hire australia travelers the opportunity to witness archers, barramundi, and whipray fish plus a vast array of turtles and reptiles.

Don’t Sleep On The Mangroves Coast

This forest is absolutely legendary in the area, and all it will take is one visit to find out why. Featuring stretches of unspoiled, rocky coastline, miles and miles of majestic monsoon forest, and of course the mangroves that give the area its name, this stretch of wilderness is what Australia’s natural beauty is all about. Only a 20 minute campervan hire ride from Darwin, Mangroves has long been known as a birdwatcher’s heaven, featuring hundreds of the rarest species in large numbers. No trip to the Darwin area is complete without a day spent at Mangroves.

Don’t MissMary River Wetlands

For anyone interested in immersing themselves in the true natural habitat of this region, Mary River Wetlands offers this opportunity. Take a guided tour and experience miles of wetland terrain firsthand. This region happens to be home to the largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles to be found anywhere in the world. The guides on these tours are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the region and will be able to teach you a lot about the area’s unique history. Make sure to bring your camera so you can get some great up-close snaps of the crocodiles, and if you’re into bird watching then pack your binoculars for this trip since the area is home to some of the rarest birds to be found anywhere in the world.

And Don’t Overlook Litchfield National Park

When it comes to finding a great cross-section of all the elements that make the Darwin region gorgeous and unique, the massive Litchfield National Park is the perfect base. This park offers so many opportunities for sights and activities that you may want to plan more than just a day to really experience the park in full. The landscape is known to be gorgeous and lush, featuring unbelievable waterfalls and wide rivers, tropical vegetation, and plenty of wildlife sightings.

No campervan hire australia trip is complete without a stop in the Darwin region, so make sure to schedule in this wondrous area for your trip if you wish to experience the natural wonders at hand here. Just make sure to realize what not to miss and you will no doubt have a wonderful experience.

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